The ACCT conference was the 10th Biennial conference and with so many new members in the last two years we had a record number of attendees.

The venue at the Hilton Washington IAD was a wonderful conference location being at an international hub made travel arrangements equally easy for US attendees as well as our international members.

There was exciting things in store for everyone this year! We introduced the new WinTES III software, as well as Meditherm Allergy Testing and Tolerance Testing software. EMI also unveiled new features that represent major advances.

Meditherm introduced other new technology and ACCT is moving forward with online member services and continuing education.

This conference was a ‘must attend’ this year!

Conference Theme was: The Future of Thermography

SEPT 10, 2016 – SATURDAY – DAY 1

8:30 am – Registration

9:00 am – Presidents Address

9:30 am – Dr. Pusztai Zoltán – Specialist gynecologist (Hungary)
The Potential of Gynecological and Endocinological Thermography. Endometriosis: a New Perspective.

10:30 am – Dr Kenneth Fernandez-Taylor
The Future of Full Body Thermography in Preventive and Integrative Medicine.

11:15 am – 15 minute break

11:30 am – Dr Fangge Deng: (China)
Infrared thermal imaging as an evaluation method for detection of deep vein thrombosis in lower limbs.

12:30 pm – Lunch

2:00 pm – Dr Tom Hudson
Understanding breast cancer diagnosis’s and treatment’s in relation to breast thermography. Includes a review of breast cancer treatment options and the role of thermography.

3:00 pm – Dr Peter Leando
Thermography in an evolving healthcare industry. (Breast and Beyond, what comes next?)

3:45 pm – 15 minute break

4:00 pm – Sophie Gent
Animal thermography in the UK, a developing industry.

4:30 pm – Review of Poster Presentations

5:00 pm – Close of first day

5:30 pm – Buses picking up group for the Sightseeing Dinner Cruise

SEPT 11, 2016 – SUNDAY – DAY 2

9:00 am – Ian Allen
Telemedicine and Health Data: Technical advances that can help thermographers and clinicians improve the care and service they provide by integrating new technology.

10:00 am – Dr. Pusztai Zoltán
10 Years Experience in Breast Screening using Thermal Imaging: the Pros and Cons.

10:30 am – 15 minute break

10:45 am – Dr Peter Leando
Review of false negative breast studies, What are we missing and is there anything that can reduce false negatives without increasing false positives.

11:45 am – Dr Huang Qinghui (Chairman of China Infrared Clinical Thermal Imaging Society)
The history and development of thermography and current uses in China.

Lunch – 12:30 pm

2:00 pm – Dr. Peter Leando
Introduction to new continuing education training syllabus, course offerings incorporating online webinars as part of a new series of certification courses in advanced clinical thermography.

2:30 pm – Thermographers panel: (Mentors)
How to grow a successful business.

3:00 pm – 15 minute break

3:15 pm – Meditherm
Technical advances. New camera and software development. Competition in the marketplace.

Review of other IR cameras and making sense of technical specifications.

4:00 pm – Thermologist panel question time

5:00 pm – Awards and Prize giving & Conference Close


The Saturday Night – September 10, 2016 – Potomac River Dinner Cruise

The group went on a sightseeing dinner cruise of the Potomac River. The cruise was 3-hours, and during that time we enjoyed lighted historical sights, music, dancing, socializing and dinner.