Professional Clinical Thermology Training for Doctors is available through The ACCT.


The ACCT offers four levels of certified professional thermology training, designated as follows:

Certified Thermologist Level I 14 credit hour Foundation course.

Certified Thermologist Level II 25 credit hour progress grading.

Certified Thermologist Level III 100 credit hours eligibility grading.

ACCT eligible for Board Certification in Clinical Thermology. Present credentials and grades to Board. Requires 2 CEU plus 20 over-read and graded studies per annum to maintain.

ACCT Continuing Education Units (CEU) 10 Credit hours = 1 CEU

Online CEU eligible Coursework, Webinars, Downloads and Testing will be accessible on the ACCT members secure logon site from February 2019.

Professional development benefits patients, colleagues and business success.

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