Thermography Courses

ACCT courses have evolved over the past two decades to deliver the highest standards in practical qualifications. Courses cover the role of thermology within the clinical environment as well as the principles and practice.

The ACCT tutor small student groups and place a strong focus on practical training so graduates leave as confident and capable technicians.

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ACCT welcomes health practitioner students of all ages and backgrounds.

Thermographer Courses

Clinical Thermographer Levels 1-3

The ACCT offers three levels of professional certified thermography training as follows:

Clinical Thermographer Level I (CT-I)
Technician Level I = 1.4 CEU. Requires 1 CEU per annum to maintain.

Clinical Thermographer Level II (CT-II)
Technician Level II = 1.4 CEU Requires 2 CEU per annum to maintain.

Clinical Thermographer Level III -Trainer (CT-III-Trainer)
Technician Level III = 4.2 CEU Requires 2.8 CEU per annum to maintain.

Thermography Certification

The ACCT Clinical Thermographer certification programs are designed to provide focused competence training with an emphasis on the following:

1. Clinical Application:
Clinical application and use of infrared thermographic camera systems

2. Imaging Proficiency:
Hands-on proficiency in performing high quality thermal imaging studies

3. Medicolegal and HIPAA Compliance:
Essential medicolegal and HIPAA-related issues in clinical thermography

4. Thermography Practice Standards:
Optimizing communication of clinical information in the patient-client/thermographer/thermologist team, including standards of care, professionalism and ethics in the practice of clinical thermography

5. Practice Development:
Practice development, including educational and marketing support materials, development strategies, networking issues

6. ACCT Resources:
Utilization of ACCT professional support resources

The ACCT Courses are held in Fort Myers, Florida. The Level 1 course is held over two days, over a weekend to allow for individuals to train without disrupting the working week.

Course hours: Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 9am to 4pm. 

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