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ACCT Online Classes & CEUs

Online CEU eligible Coursework, Webinars, Downloads and Testing will be accessible on the ACCT members secure logon site from February 2019.

The introduction of a CEU program is a significant step forward in the accreditation of certified clinical thermographers. The introduction of CEU’s is not intended to be onerous, but a valuable recognition of the thermographers skills and experience as well as providing tangible assurance for the confidence of your patients and clients.

ACCT Continuing Education Units (CEU)
10 Credit hours = 1 CEU

Certified Clinical Thermographer Courses:
TECHNICIAN LEVEL I = 1.4 CEU. Requires 1 CEU per annum to maintain.
TECHNICIAN LEVEL II = 1.4 CEU Requires 2 CEU per annum to maintain.
TECHNICIAN LEVEL III = 4.2 CEU Requires 2.8 CEU per annum to maintain.

Professional Level:
The ACCT offers four levels of certified professional thermology training, designated as follows:
Certified Thermologist Level I 14 credit hour Foundation course.
Certified Thermologist Level II 25 credit hour progress grading.
Certified Thermologist Level III 100 credit hours eligibility grading.
ACCT - eligible for Board Certification in Clinical Thermology. Present credentials and grades to Board.
Requires 2 CEU plus 20 overread and graded studies per annum to maintain.