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The Drugless Doctors is a family-owned and operated Chiropractic & Wellness center in Westlake, OH (15 minutes away from downtown Cleveland). The practice was started by Dr. Bob and Debbie DeMaria in Elyria, OH in 1978 with the vision of helping others heal themselves without prescribing medication.

They believe that Natural healthcare helps people take the least invasive means possible for a better expression of health inside and out. The center offers three core services including Chiropractic, personalized nutritional services, and breast thermography. There is also a practice in Naples, Florida.

What sets the practice apart?

The family owned business is led by Dr. Bob DeMaria, who is the founder of the practice and has been practicing since 1978. He has authored 11 books, including the new Dr. Bob’s Drugless Guide to Mental Health and Dr. Bob’s Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones, both of which have brought new patients from all over the world to the practice seeking drugless and natural solutions. The combined years of experience, knowledge, passion, and desire to get results for everyone. The loyalty of patients speaks volumes, it is not uncommon for someone to drive over an hour one-way for any of the services they provide on a regular basis.

Dr. Anthony DeMaria is the operations coordinator of the practice and is a second-generation chiropractor who bridges traditional and emerging chiropractic techniques alongside nutritional advancements. Dr. Anthony has complemented Dr. Bob and Debbie DeMaria’s vision of helping others heal themselves without prescribing medication and can be regularly seen throughout the community with his wife, Dr. Casen DeMaria, promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through chiropractic.

Dr. Casen actively pursues new ways to reach and educate the community about the benefits of chiropractic, drugless care, and breast thermography, which includes successful partnerships with local businesses and women’s organizations.

Continuing the commitment to health within the community Debbie DeMaria, decided that she wanted to help women in their pursuit of breast health, so at 63, she received her thermography license and now provides breast thermography at the Naples, FL practice. You can find out more about the service here.

A commitment to continued educational experience means they can deliver the best possible care. Dr. Bob and Dr. Anthony were both Valedictorians of their classes. Dr. Anthony and Dr. Casen are certified in pediatrics and pregnancy through the ICPA, and they have authored peer reviewed research journals. 

Why breast thermography?

The Drugless Doctors love serving the needs of families in their communities. Many individuals go to them looking for a natural or preventive approach to managing their health. With breast health, many women might be having body signals of tender breasts, hormonal imbalances and are looking for a different strategy to help them.

Dr. Casen has a certification in pregnancy and pediatrics that she worked on post-grad and said, “It really opened my world to looking into helping women be the healthiest version of themselves. Thermography was a natural fit with our philosophy of healing in our practice. I love that women can start doing this service at age 25 rather than waiting!”.

Dr. Casen explains the Breast Thermography procedure

What patient’s say…

“The Drugless Doctors are a life changing experience! Before seeing the Doctor’s I was not as disciplined in my health. I have more energy, better motion, and have lost weight! I love getting adjusted as well as have enjoyed learning about nutrition and what my blood work means! Dr. Casen does my breast thermography annually and I love doing this because there is no radiation and no squeezing of the breasts! Highly recommended!” – R.D.