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Code of Ethical Conduct

Of The American College of Clinical Thermology (ACCT)

This Code establishes standards of professional ethical conduct with which each member of the American College of Clinical Thermology (ACCT) is expected to comply. Members must recognize their responsibility to patients, to other health professionals, to society, and to self. These standards are intended to guide thermologists, thermographers, physicians and other health professionals in their relationships with the individuals they serve, colleagues in the health professions, the public, and all levels of government.

Members of ACCT should:

  1. Use their knowledge, training, experience and talents for the benefit patients and of mankind;
  2. Relate honestly and ethically in all professional relationships, and exhibit sound moral character; and expose any member who appears deficient in character or competence, or who engages in fraud or deception;
  3. Practice on a scientific basis with integrity, and continuously strive to improve their knowledge and skills for the purpose of rendering the highest quality of professional service;
  4. Strive to expand and disseminate knowledge of thermology and participate in ethical research efforts as appropriate;
  5. Conduct all relations with patients, employers, co-workers, colleagues, and members of other professions with integrity, fairness and confidentiality;
  6. Keep confidential all individual medical information, releasing same only at the request of the individual, or when required by law;
  7. Avoid exploiting patients or others who pay for their services;
  8. Recognize any impairments in themselves and others, including chemical dependency and abusive personal practices, which interfere with their ability to follow this Code, and take appropriate measures.

Amended and adopted by action of the Board of Directors

On March 3, 2002.