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ACCT - Certification

ACCT Certification Opportunities in Clinical Thermographic Imaging

The ACCT offers several training and certification opportunities for education, professional practice, thermogram interpretation, and operation and management in the emerging field of clinical DITI.

All Levels
These training opportunities are tailored for individuals with variety of backgrounds, including entry-level or experienced candidates, licensed healthcare practitioners, health care administrators, office managers and entrepreneurs.

The ACCT Strategy
The ACCT strategy is forward-looking by tailoring its certification programs to meet the needs of all participants in clinical thermography. As a result, the ACCT serves as an educational benchmark in the industry to ensure that adequate well-trained personnel and management resources are available to match the needs of the industry's current rapid expansion.

The resultant opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurs within the healthcare industry is dynamic and extensive. The following ACCT certification programs will serve to properly advance all participants.

ACCT Certification Programs
The ACCT offers certification programs in clinical thermography in three areas:

1. Professional Clinical Thermography
Clinical Thermography Certification program
Clinical Thermographer Level I (CT-I)
Clinical Thermographer Level II (CT-II)
Clinical Thermographer Level III-Trainer (CT-III-Trainer)

2. Professional Clinical Thermology
Clinical Thermology Certification program
Certified Thermologist Level I
Certified Thermologist Level II
Certified Thermologist Level III, EMI-eligible
Board Certified in Clinical Thermology

3. Thermography Clinic Management
Clinical Thermography Management Certification program
Thermography Clinic Management Level I (TCM-I)
Thermography Clinic Management Level II (TCM-II)